Scott Townley
Bridgewater, NJ

"So how far can you talk on that setup...?
I get that question all the time, from both hams and non-hams.  And the answer is...just about as far as you can imagine.  I've worked into the east coast of Africa long-path, so that would be more than halfway around the world!
Although really "how far..." doesn't mean much from a comparison standpoint (since when the bands are open, the proverbial "wet string" will make contacts), it's still interesting to demonstrate the DX capability of a mobile setup.  I've included my current mobile standings in DXCC and WAZ as testimony to the fact that a decent mobile setup doesn't mean having to accept less!  I may not make the contact on the first call, but I make the contact...
NX7U/M DXCC and WAZ totals since 6-Oct-1999:
Mixed 311 40
SSB 220 39
CW 306 40
80m 65 27
40m 168 36
30m 228 39
20m 227 40
17m 222 39
15m 214 39
12m 228 39
10m 193 38
NX7U/M "Notable Contacts"

XZ0A (all on low bands); 7O1YGF; FR/F6KDF/T; K5K (8 bands); 3B6RF; 3C1AG; 5U1A (80m); 5X1CW (he answered my CQ on a "dead" 20m band one morning!); A52XX; BQ9P (Pratas Is.); ET3BN; HK5QGX/0M (Malpelo Is.); K1B (Baker-Howland Is.); KH6ND/KH5 (Palmyra Is.); TN3W; VK0MM; VK9ML; VP8GEO; VP6DI (Ducie Is.); YI9OM; ZL7C (15 band-modes!); ZD7VC (6m); 3G0Z (6m); T6T; K1N; 1A0C