Scott Townley
Bridgewater, NJ


January 2011

The operating position.  TS-850S/AT for HF; Ten-Tec 1208 transverter for 6m; MM144-28 transverter for 2m.  BTI LK-2000 HF amplifier at lower right.

You didn't expect neatness, did you?
The main RF test equipment lineup. 
Left:  Boonton 160A Q-meter.  An incredibly versatile instrument; can't imagine being without it.
Center:  HP8410B vector network analyzer lineup, with HP8620C sweep oscillator.
Right:  HP141T spectrum analyzer.  On top, an HP8746B S-parameter test set.  Then further up, the noise figure test station, with an Ailtech 7514 and on top, the later model Eaton 2075 Gain-Noise Analyzer.
Workbench and assembly area.  It always looks like this.  Well, that's not really true, usually it looks worse.
Another work table, mostly for testing.  Lots of parts in the white bins.
The Reference Library.  A pretty decent collection of texts on antennas, propagation, radio electronics, and communications systems.