Scott Townley
Gilbert, AZ

I enjoy VHF and satellite operation, although I haven't done a lot of satellite operating since AO-40 died.  However, during that brief, shining moment I did complete a few interesting projects.  Perhaps if AMSAT-DL is successful in their HEO project some of these items will become relevant again.

I also enjoy working the LEO satellites like AO-51, but it's not terribly easy to do with low-gain antennas (though some do exactly that).  I have plans to put up an az-el rotator and small (12') switchable-CP yagis, but just haven't had enough time to work on that yet.

Right now I'm fairly active on 6m, although my station is pretty modest.  I run my TS-850S with a TenTec 1208 6m-20m transverter and a 100W solid-state amplifier to a Moxon rectangle.  The Moxon was ridiculously easy to build and works really well.  Previously I had used an M2 HO-loop (which worked fine too) but the added directivity of the Moxon really does make a difference.

I have been working towards getting a semi-permanent Meteor Scatter station going on 2m.  Still fairly modest equipment:  the TS-850S to a Microwave Modules MMT144-28 transverter, driving a converted AM-6154 amplifier to an old Cushcraft A144-11 yagi up about 25'.  I need to upgrade my LNA to something that will switch higher power...yet another project awaiting time.