Scott Townley
Bridgewater, NJ

My 6m Moxon project

I wanted a small but directive 6m antenna, so a Moxon rectangle seemed the way to go. 
I used a shareware program "MoxGen.exe" as a design tool.  Below are the results:
1/2" aluminum tubing seemed sufficiently self-supporting for these dimensions.  The finished product is shown below:
The element insulators are FR-4 (fiberglass) rods that fit into the 1/2" aluminum tubing.  They greatly help keep the entire "loop" rigid.
A close-up of the feedpoint.  A commercially-available VHF balun was used.  Each lead from the balun was simply clamped mechanically to either side of the (split) driven element.  The yellow square is ABS plastic and is used as a cheap boom-to-element adapter.

NOTE that this installation is in Phoenix, AZ where rain/snow/ice are not a major consideration. 
The installed antenna, using 1-1/4" aluminum mast and an eave-mounted TV rotator.  Out-of-the-"box" it worked very well...an excellent match and good front-to-back (about 20 dB or so).  The performance-to-price ratio is very high!